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article from the new york times - the united nations of chicken

The United Nations of Chicken

This article about a halal market in Jamaica, Queens appeared in the City section of the Sunday New York Times November 30, 2008

Out in the Cold - Homelessness in Reykjavik

Out in the cold

An investigative feature into the state of Reykjavik's homeless population, published in Iceland Review (46.03). October 2008

Icelandic Foreign aid - link to article

Trading Longships for Aid Packages

A survey of Iceland's foreign aid, with prescriptions on how the country can best use its wealth for maximum impact in the developing world. Published in Iceland Review (45.01). March 2007

Helping Seniors find work - link to article

Helping Seniors Find Work

An article on senior employment in Jamaica, Queens. Published in the Queens Chronicle November 2008

A Farmer's Market on Welfare - link to article

Farmer's Market on Food Stamps

A look at the Jamaica, Queens Farmer's Market, kept alive in difficult economic times by welfare recipients. Published in the Queens Chronicle. September 2008

Loose Screws and Rusty Nails, link to article

Loose Screws and Rusty Nails

A feature exposing the negative side effects of Reykjavik's housing boom. Published in Iceland Review (45.03) October 2007

Interview with an Icelandic pagan - link to article

Nordic Gods Alive in Reykjavik

An interview with Jormundur Ingi, head of the pagan association of Iceland. Published in the Reykjavik Grapevine. November 2006

Iceland Defenceless - link to article

Iceland Defenseless

A look at how the United States' unilateral decision to close its Navy base affects the future of military protection for Iceland, which has no standing army. Published in the Reykjavik Grapevine. July, 2006