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Lottery in a Recession

This map graphic compares lottery sales across the country during two periods of economic recession to investigate the relationship between ticket sales and wider economic trends. The resulting graphic teases out some regional differences in the fundamental belief that you play to win, not just to play.


Palliative Care Patient Demographics

This interactive graphic explores the patient population in Jamaica Hospital's palliative care program. The graphic highlights age and ethnicity, while also representing religion and diagnosis.


The Scoville Heat Index

This interactive bar graph charts the relative heat of 34 peppers based on their ranking on the Scoville scale. Rollovers give more information about each one.


The United States of Pop? Soda? Coke?

This bubble graph represents the results of a nationwide survey of the term used to describe carbonated beverages in all 50 states. The resulting data, superimposed on a map of the U.S., shows strong regional distinctions.


Meeting the Kyoto Challenge

This scatterplot is a redesign of a graphic published March 1, 2009 in the New York Times. I felt that the original graphic focused too much on whether or not countries were meeting the targets they had set for themselves under the Kyoto Protocol. To me, it is equally important to highlight which countries have reduced their emissions at all, which this version does while also indicating where the countries stand compared to their targets.

[click to view original from the New York Times]


African-Americans in Congress, 1870-Present

This stacked bar graph tracks African-American representation in both houses of Congress. In making this graphic, I was surprised to see that at no point in history has there been more than one African-American senator serving at any one time.