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a multimedia package on palliative care and the national health care debate by Greg Emerson Bocquet

A Matter of Life & Death

With the national debate focusing on health care reform, this multimedia package investigates end-of-life care for terminally ill patients in Queens. It was produced for FLYP.

a video about palliative care and the national health care debate by greg emerson bocquet

A Matter of Life and Death

Providing physical, spiritual, and emotional pain relief, death is a part of the job for the palliative care staff at Jamaica Hospital.

a multimedia package on the state of the U.S. spaceflight program by Greg Emerson Bocquet

To Land Among the Stars

On the 40th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing, this multimedia package looks at the past, present, and future of manned space exploration. It was produced for FLYP.

a multimedia package about Vipassana meditation retreats by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Quiet Time

This multimedia package explores the world of Vipassana meditation, practiced in 10-day silent retreats across the United States. It was produced for FLYP.

a multimedia package about independent craftsmen by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Handmade in New York

Independent craftsmen find that even in a rough economy, there is a market for high-quality handmade products. This multimedia package was produced for the INDEPENDENT issue of nyc24.org.

a video about custom violin maker nathaniel rowan, by greg emerson bocquet

Nathaniel Rowan, Luthier

It takes six weeks to make a violin from scratch, but the quality of Nathaniel Rowan's handiwork lasts a lifetime.

a video about custom bikemaker johnny coast, by greg emerson bocquet

Johnny Coast, Bike Builder

Working with steel is a family tradition, and this independent bikemaker carries it on in style.

Link to interactive graphic on palliative care patient demographics by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Palliative Care Patient Demographics

This interactive graphic explores the patient population in Jamaica Hospital's palliative care program. The graphic highlights age and ethnicity, while also representing religion and diagnosis.

Toys go online

At the 2009 Toy Fair, multiplatform toys are touted as the most recession-proof. Watch my video, shot and produced for CNNMoney.com.

an audio slideshow of people tasting habanero peppers for the first time, by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Chile Tasting

For seasoned chile-heads, a habanero pepper is not much of a challenge; but for chile novices it can be quite a challenge.

interactive graphic detailing the Scoville heat index for chile peppers by Greg Emerson Bocquet

The Scoville Heat Index

This interactive bar graph charts the relative heat of 34 peppers based on their ranking on the Scoville scale. Rollovers give more information about each one.

Article from the new york times - the united nations of meat

The United Nations of Chicken

This article about a halal market in Jamaica, Queens appeared in the City section of the Sunday New York Times November 30, 2008

Uncovered in New York (NSFW)

Photographer Jordan Matter recounts his experience taking pictures of women with their breasts uncovered in New York for an upcoming photo book.

a video about new york's topfreedom movement, by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Breasts Against Society (NSFW)

Activist Phoenix Feeley tells of multiple arrests for exercising her legal right to appear topless in public in New York.

a graphic of lottery sales in times of recession by Greg Emerson Bocquet

Lottery in a Recession

This map graphic compares lottery sales across the country during two periods of economic recession to investigate the relationship between ticket sales and wider economic trends. The resulting graphic teases out some regional differences in the fundamental belief that you play to win, not just to play.

Out in the Cold - Homelessness in Reykjavik

Out in the Cold

An investigative feature into the state of Reykjavik's homeless population, published in Iceland Review (46.03). October 2008

The Main Event

In his 6th professional fight, determined boxer Eddie Irizzary defends his undefeated record.

Icelandic Foreign aid - link to article

Trading Longships for Aid Packages

A survey of Iceland's foreign aid, with prescriptions on how the country can best use its wealth for maximum impact in the developing world. Published in Iceland Review (45.01). March 2007